Welcome to Design Option

We are an interior design shop specializing in curtains, wallpaper and furniture.  Design Option was established over 14 years ago, and has served the needs of many customers, including numerous shops, restaurants and hotels throughout Thailand and neighboring countries.


Curtains & Blinds

We have a variety of nice designs and different textures of  curtain & blinds fabric that will make your home or office more beautiful, and will block light and heat at the same time.

With our top quality selections of fabric and experienced craftsmanship,  our team are ready to serve your needs.

Please visit our shop.


You can select the perfect unique wallpaper for your home or office.

We have the best service and good quality wallpaper in a affordable price.


We also specialise in reupholstered furniture such as chairs,  armchair,s  sofas and bed headboards.

With our experience craftsmen, we produce reupholstered furniture with unique fabric.

Our shop has plenty of fabrics for you to choose from.

And if you want to make your furniture look and feel new without buying new furniture,  you can easily have it reupholstered. We reupholster furniture at a very reasonable price.

Sofa Bed

 Custom design your own Pillows.  Select any material in our shop, and have pillows custom made.  Contact us for more details, or drop by the shop.

Custom Made Bed Runners

We can produce custom-made bed runners to match your pillows.  Mostly our clients for bed runners are hotels, but we are happy to produce them on individually customized orders. 


The price can vary depending on the material selected, but generally as:

King Size (6 foot)       ฿1,200

Queen Size (5 foot)    ฿950


Our upholstered beds and bed frames are made in the traditional and contemporary style by s skilled professionals, who have  experience in making beautiful upholstered for more than 20 years.

Services Offered

Curtains and wallpaper are often done in the final stages of production of your home or office, and often have one of the greatest affects upon your guests.  For a full selection of samples for materials and wallpapers, please visit our shop. 

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